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Environment for Spiritual Practice

Answered by Quan Yin messenger
(Originally in Chinese)

Q: In order to practice the Quan Yin Method, could one attain a higher level of practice more quickly by leaving home to become a monastic disciple rather than a lay one?

A: To leave home really means to leave the home of the Three Realms, to be liberated from greed, hatred and desires, to leave the home of ignorance. Finding one's True Self, the Tao within, has nothing to do with outer appearance and formalities.

The situation is different for each person because of what has happened before. Some have finished their work in this world so they can leave home and practice with undivided attention. They do not have any more ties with this world and can offer their bodies, speech, and minds to God for service to all sentient beings. But if laymen can practice with sincerity, the occasional obstacles will only help them with their practice. There are many lay fellow practitioners who have very good spiritual experiences and have attained high levels. Therefore, we should not worry about outer formalities such as whether to leave home or not.


~ The Supreme Master Ching Hai

You have families, but you dedicate yourself and your whole family in the care of God. You are the caretaker of this family for God's sake; that's also renunciation. It's more difficult to renounce that way than to shave your hair and hide yourself in the temple. If you can do that, you are true saints.




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