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How To End the Feelings of Greed and Ambition

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Brazil, June 18, 1989
(Originally in English)

Q: We think we are important now, but we are not, so I suffer from this feeling of self-importance. Actually, I want to know how to overcome this feeling of self-importance.

M: It's good that you know that you have this self-important feeling. Your illness is already half cured. There is a very good way to overcome this pride. Think of the greatness of the universe and all the things in the universe that you have not been able to understand, that you know nothing about the universe, about the law of God, and then you will feel very small.

Whatever worldly knowledge we gain is so small. Whatever important business we have, it is so ephemeral. And then when we die, we have nothing. So you had better get enlightened. The more you are enlightened, the more humble you become because you see that you know so little and that the universe is so great. And then you are more humble and more humble, until you are the most humble person. Then you admit that you know nothing, and then you know everything. That's why Lao Tzu said, The wise are like the dumb. That's why Jesus said, I work, but not I; it is the Father Who works in me. He is so great but He knows He can do nothing without the Father. He knows He can do nothing, and that is why He can do everything.




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