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The Aggression Quality in the Practitioner

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Paris, France, January 24, 1997
(Originally in English and French)

Q: What You think about the combination of aggressiveness and the fact of being an initiate. If you are obliged to be very aggressive in your profession for instance, if you have to defend other colleagues or make negotiations with the government, and so on, you are obliged to be aggressive to defend the people. After that, you sometimes feel very wrong because you say, "Okay, I am an initiate. All this day I was very aggressive, it was bad." But I am aggressive for the good things, to defend people. So, is that compatible with the initiate's philosophy?

M: If you have to work in the world, sometimes it's unavoidable in some situations to be kind of more "go-getting" or you can say "aggressive," but we can't help it. Sometimes people do not take sweetness for an answer; they do not take a reasonable attitude for a kind of friendship or nobility. They take it as a weakness. They like to meet people who are more forceful, who are straighter to the point, and are not afraid in anything. So, in that case, you have to use the weapon that they demand.

We are spiritual practitioners. That doesn't mean we always have to use only one kind of weapon or one kind of attitude. It would be like a one-way street! The worldly people need a lot of streets and a lot of ways to go here and there; you cannot just use a one-way street forever. So, aggressiveness or sweetness you have to use accordingly.

Do not blame yourself. Whatever you use for success is all right as long as you don't harm the opponents by your hatred, by your real vicious intention to damage other people's reputation, wealth or position. You have to do what you have to do in order to attain what your job demands, and that is your duty, no problem. Just like when we have children, sometimes the children are bad and we have to use some kinds of authoritative measures to deal with them in order to put them back into line.


~ The Supreme Master Ching Hai

Only when we are empty can God then fill us with wisdom and love. If we are still somebody, if we still have something, we cannot become completely empty, and we cannot hold all the God Power that wants to fill us.

What you should be detached from is the attachment to power and fame, and not be detached from power and fame themselves.




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