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Convenient Method & Inner Experiences

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Singapore, March 8, 1993
(Originally in Chinese)

Q: Dear Master, I practice the Convenient Method. Once when I meditated, I saw a bright yellow Light and another time I saw a bright white Light. Can You please explain this?

M: What else can I explain? You saw the Light, which means you saw your own Nature. Even if I just teach you the Convenient Method, you still have a taste of the kingdom of God within.

The more we see the Light, the more intelligent and the more loving we will become. This is the result of meditation. It's not that seeing the Light or hearing the Sound is good, it's just good because of the results. Just like when food is tasty, it is fine, but we also derive nourishment from it, and that is the best part of eating food.

Similarly, if we taste the Inner Food, it will not only lift our spirit, making us feel happy and charged with energetic power, but it will also open our inner wisdom, enabling us see things in a better light, to endure hardships in a better way, and so on. We can solve problems more quickly and in a better light, understand everything better than before, and become more loving and tolerant toward other people.




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