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Bodily Movements during Meditation Practice

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Hsihu Center, Formosa, October 28, 1995
(Originally in English)

Q: Sometimes when I am meditating on the Light, I get something like an energy surge; and it just sort of rocks me one way and the other in various different ways. What is this?

M: It's okay. Sometimes the negative and the positive are trying to battle with each other. As we are not yet completely stable and a hundred percent pure, it's like that. Later it will become stable. Don't worry. You don't have to go with the feeling; just let it go. That's why we have to keep ourselves pure with the Precepts and these all kinds of things, so that we can receive this kind of pure and tremendously strong energy. Try to take care that your food, speech, actions, and thoughts are pure; the problem will become better or disappear altogether.

Sometimes, if you are trembling too much, sit on the floor. Don't sit too high, in case you fall down. Or, try to sit on the wooden floor; it will absorb some of the energy for you and then you won't feel so badly shaken. Sometimes when you do the Quan Yin, it feels like a burning sensation. If it feels like you can't bear it anymore, then sit in another place. Don't sit on a cushion; find a wooden, cool floor to sit on or put your feet on a wooden board or maybe on the earth. It will neutralize some of the strong effect of the vibration while you're not able to withstand it. Only in that case, but continue to meditate on the Sound. The Sound is particularly strong.

If you are not pure, it is sometimes because you have had contact with people, and it's not necessarily your own karma. So, don't blame yourself all the time for whatever happens. Sometimes we have contact with people, and their impurity and their karma also affect us. Sometimes we eat food that we don't know is impure; it also happens. So, whatever leads you to this, meditate more.

If you sit on a cushion and you don't feel comfortable, it could be it is too hot for you; sit on a wooden floor or on the naked earth, on the soil. Put your feet up and meditate, or sitting on the floor with a tatami mat is all right. It is more airy and cooler for you, because sometimes the cushion we sit on is made with plastic foam and it doesn't absorb the heat. It gives us trouble, is irritating, especially when you do the Quan Yin. Try to change your position, maybe change the place, or change your sitting cushion, and then it will be better for you.




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