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Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Bangkok, Thailand, December 30, 1999
(Originally in English)

Q: Does the blessed Virgin exist? I come from Ireland, which is supposed to be quite a religious country. She is supposed to have appeared in Ireland and Lourdes. A lot of people believe in her existence and power. I was just wondering what is Your opinion?

M: When people see an apparition, because they are in a Catholic country or a Christian country, they presume that it is the Virgin Mary. Nevertheless, She can also exist, and why not? The Virgin Mary does not actually have to be a person. It is a power of the Universe, or maybe an angel that can also assume the appearance of the Virgin Mary to bless people. Maybe the kids or the people who saw that vision were pure at heart, and were praying with sincerity, so the angel, the spiritual inner Master, or whoever, took pity on them and appeared to comfort them, to bring them happiness, or to bless them. It is just like when you meditate sometimes you see Jesus, Buddha, and all that.

That happens, but the thing is that it is rare. You can see how rare it is in the religious world when just one or two see the Virgin Mary here and there. We see that a lot here in our group, but because the children, or whoever saw the vision over there, they thought that the Virgin Mary appeared there, but it is not true. We can see the Virgin Mary anywhere - even in our own home. Some of our meditation practitioners see Her or Jesus or Buddha, but that doesn't mean They appeared there. It is because you went into a different dimension and saw them at that time. But of course, the children could not explain that because they did not even know how to explain it or whoever saw that did not have much spiritual experience. They were just blessed with the vision once or twice.

Because you come to my school and I explain it to you, when you see that, you know what it is. You can even bring that vision back again because you know how. So, you see how rare it is? A person of Christian faith saw Mary in Lourdes, and everyone in the whole world flocks over there because it is so rare for Christian people to see Her or for Her to appear in Ireland or anywhere. So far, I have heard that She has appeared in only three or four places in the whole world. Do you know how many millions of Christian faithful there are on this planet? And only a few, three or four, have seen Her. That's how rare it is. And here we take it for granted that we see Jesus - no big deal. This is a proof also because it is so rare.




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