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  Current Topic : Conduct of Daily Life > Positive and Negative Power
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Elevate Ourselves to the Positive Level

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Youngdong, Korea, May 6, 1998
(Originally in English)

A German fellow initiate said to Master: "Every day, I remember that I found this Method. I found You. It's like a miracle. I'm so happy and I feel that everything around me has transformed. My whole family is so loving now, and things that I never thought could happen have come true. Everyone that my mother has ever prayed for has gotten better. It's so fantastic!"

Master answered: "Good! Like attracts like. Because you're better, everything better will come to you. That's why people say to you, 'Think positively!' It's not because you say, 'I think positive and I expect positive,' that the positive things come. It's not. When you are able to think positively, that means you are elevated to the positive level. You are higher already, so the negative cannot touch you, cannot catch up with you. That's why you're happy. And once you're in the positive level, you just attract the positive, of course. If you are in America, you can't be in France; that's very simple."

"Try to climb to that level. Try all your best. Meditate more; read the holy teachings, read positive books; read anything that reminds you of your Higher Nature, of the contact with God. Then you'll be better, more and more every day, and everything will turn out better for you. You'll know without my doing anything, without you doing anything. Of course, you pray sometimes to the Master Power for help, and if you need it, of course It's always there, but if you raise yourself to a higher level, you'll have it permanently and you can only come up all the time. The Quan Yin Method is a way to bring you up there, but it's you who do it, you who want it. You make the effort."

Pearls of Wisdom

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Hsihu Center, Formosa, September 29, 1991
(Originally in Chinese)

Thoughts are very important. When we think nobly, the whole universe admires, loves and serves us; and waits for us to visit their place. When our thoughts are not noble, not glorious and not as generous as the enlightened ones, we become ordinary sentient beings. This is what is meant by: "All is created by the mind!"

Sometimes you may think that it is merely a thought, it is not very important. No! It is very important. As human beings, our actions, speech and thoughts are interrelated. If the atmosphere generated within us is not one of purity and benign practice, or is dishonorable, it will be expressed in our actions.




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