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  Current Topic : Conduct of Daily Life > Positive and Negative Power
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Will Positive Thinking Change Our Karma?

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Los Angeles, U.S.A., March 15, 1996
(Originally in English)

Q: I see in the recent News magazine that Master stresses the importance of positive thinking. I know that positive thinking will drive positive energy and avoid the negative energy around you. Does positive thinking change karma, or not?

M: Sometimes it can, sometimes it cannot. It depends on how deep the karma is and on how truly positive your thinking is - the power of your thinking not just because you want to think positive, it will be positive. It depends on how much money you spend behind your desire. You can't just desire something and have it. You must have the money for it, too. Similarly, if you think positively, but your mind is not strong enough to invest the power of mental control over this thinking, then even if you think, it's just a thought for a fleeting moment. It doesn't have any effect. So, we must meditate. We must harness the power of our will again in order to focus it together. And once we are focused and we concentrate the power in whichever direction we want to use it, or for whatever purpose, it would be powerful. But before that, whatever you want, whatever you think, is just very flat - no power. So, people just go with positive thinking, but nothing is done. Nothing happens. Then they will doubt the people who say what positive thinking will do. But, it's not the author who says that who is wrong. It's the person who practices, who is wrong. He didn't have enough power to even think, never mind negative or positive.




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