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Clearing the Atmosphere

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Hsihu Center, Formosa, October 30, 1995
(Originally in English)

Q: Does playing the video and audiotapes clear the atmosphere in a certain room or area, and even if it's low and the ears cannot hear, does it help?

M: It does help, generally, because vibration is vibration. If it's good, it's there; if it's bad, it's also there. So good vibration, of course, helps. That's how curses and blessings occur. You speak kind words to people, and it happens; you curse people with damnation and it happens, especially if you have determination and put your will power into it.

It helps, and normally the good vibration remains a long time. That's why when you go to a very holy place, you sometimes feel better. Then, when you go to a different place, it affects you because of the vibration of that particular place.

It does help, yes. Some people play my chanting tapes and cure themselves of sickness. There was one man who had been bedridden for eighteen years. He is finished with his trouble now. Nothing could cure him for eighteen years. He just listened to the tapes every day; that's all he did twenty-four hours a day. After a few months he got up and walked. He is still alive. This is a recent story. The vibration does heal you and it does clean the atmosphere. Whatever affects you is also the vibration of the atmosphere, so of course, we can counteract that with different vibrations.




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