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Levels of Spiritual Practice

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Hsihu Center, Formosa, July 13, 1995
(Originally in English)

Q: I'm wondering why sometimes it seems like I hear the sound appropriate for certain levels and I see things appropriate for certain levels, but it's kind of intense light; I see light, and it's bright, but it's not really like what Master said.

M: Whatever light it is, just look. I wonder why you, at that moment, are not in deep samadhi enough, and you still are wondering, "What level am I at," and all that. Don't wonder about anything; just concentrate on that and it will do you lasting benefit. Levels won't help you; change in your heart will. What for do we need to know the levels? Actually, there is no such thing as levels. It's just for the mind to understand that, "Okay, I'm getting something."

We have such a business mind that the Master has to cut a deal with us, and say "Okay" like in business, "You go up here and you will have this; you go up there and you have that." But if we really are practitioners, we care for no levels. We just know that we are very sincere and we work for our improvement so that we become a noble being, a real being. We need to be a noble and real being, very good, loving, compassionate, and wise. That's what we need to be. And the more we work at our homework, the better and quicker we become that being. That's all there is; levels and positions are only for outside people. We have no need to worry about that.

Maybe you haven't reached the home you wish to. There is no need to rush; you have light and that is better than darkness. Many people don't have that, so it's already comforting to your soul. These things are helping to encourage us to continue with our practice. It's not a course of pride and competition, and no eagerness to be a president or something like that. [Laughter] You will know what level you are at pretty soon, if you really concentrate and devote yourself to the life of practice. And then soon, very, very soon, you won't care about it, and that's the best level. You still continue to practice; your heart is still very sincere; you still develop in all ways, but you don't care for anything, not even Sainthood. That's the best level. It doesn't mean that you drop everything altogether, but you don't mind in which corner or in what low level God will place you in order to serve the universe, understand?




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