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Seeking God

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Houston, TX, U.S.A., November 14, 1993
(Originally in English)

Q: With our various religions as they are today, why do You believe we've had such a history of so many different religions? What has man through the ages been seeking through religion and philosophy? What is that need that we're seeking to satisfy, or that fear?

M: Yes, fear is one of the reasons. Another reason is that inwardly, we are the essence of the Most High. You know we came from God, otherwise where did we come from? You think we came from plants, from the walls or stones? So, we must have come from God, the Most High, the Most Intelligent, the Highest Consciousness. That inner, inherent, latent consciousness always keeps seeking itself despite all the coverage, like dust, position, wealth, fame and all this worldly knowledge that keeps occupying our attention outwards. The Highest Consciousness inside always keeps seeking, not really seeking, keeps telling you, that you are not that; you are not the Ph.D. and you're not this garbage that you accumulated; you are not Mr. So-and-So or Mrs. That-and-This; you are consciousness; you are God-like. Before you came to this world and got a Ph.D., became Mr. and Mrs., and had all kinds of knowledge and habits that you call yourself, you knew that other Self. The Real Self is God-like and belongs to the kingdom of God. We're called God's children; it means we are God-like. The God qualities always keep reminding us that we are not this, that and the other.

Q: Are we supposed to believe then that we are part of that universal and divine God energy and intelligence?

M: Not supposed to believe; you just are. Now look at what you identify yourself with: Mrs. So-and-So, and I have so much knowledge, I have so much wealth, and I have such and such habits. All these are not you. You are the one behind all this and all that is covering us. Therefore, we make ourselves suffer because we identify ourselves with our mistakes, our successes, our failures, our this, that and other circumstances that affect us. We forget the real Super Consciousness, the Supreme Inner Self, the Supreme Spirit, which is God, which dwells within us. That's what the Bible says: "God dwells within you." That means you are God - apart from the body; there is God inside and nothing else.

Q: Are we closer to our true Selves when we are children? You were wonderful with the girls up here a while back. Are we more God-like as children because we've learned less or is it when we get older that we take on all those trappings and become too physical and materialistic?

M: You're right. When we were born, at least we were cleansed already, partially, from the residue of the last life or whatever existence we had, so when we were born, we were nearer to God. We just came directly from the "resting place," more peaceful and abundant. That's why children are more innocent and forgive easily. They have no worries, nothing, but the more we grow up, the more we accumulate all these experiences and then we identify ourselves with that. For example: I'm an angry person, I'm an agitated person, and I'm a bad-tempered person. This is not you. It's just that you grew up with all kinds of circumstances that made you like that. Then you think you are like that, that is the "you". It's ridiculous. When you were born you were not like that. It is not true.




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