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Science and Spirituality

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Lecture at Harvard University, Boston, MA, U.S.A., October 27, 1989
(Originally in English)

Q: What do You think of the relationship between quantum mechanics and some principles of Buddhism?

M: This only confirms the Buddhist discovery about the different levels of consciousness. You can say that it is energy or you can say it's the different planes of existence. But then the scientists have discovered only matter. They have discovered all the energy as matter, not as the flexible intelligence behind the energy. Therefore, it is a little different here. People use energy as a means to sustain their lives and to make more comforts for their lives, but they do not know that behind the energy is flexible intelligence, wisdom.

Q: Some of science seems to be similar to the law of karma. Please explain.

M: Yes, but what we know by the method of science is too little compared to what the Buddha knows or what Christ knows; that is all there is. But science has helped our lives very much and has helped to prove many theories in Buddhism and Christianity. There's no harm in science, it's just that science has discovered too little.




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