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Obstacles in Meditation

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Surabaya, Indonesia, March 19, 1997
(Originally in English)

Q: In one of Your video cassettes, I heard about Emerson, an American philosopher. He said, "It's a difficult thing to reach Godhood on this plane." I don't understand if this is against what You're talking about.

M: No!

Q: Then You said, "Let God do the business," and "let God do everything for us, through us." What I need is Your guidance.

M: He said "difficult". He didn't say "impossible". Of course, it's difficult to reach God. That's why we need the guidance of a master and blessing from the Master Power. And after that we should let God bless and guide us, and do everything through us, instead of doing things with the ego. Everything is correct the way I said it; there's nothing contradictory. It's just that you understood it differently. It is not that it's different. Emerson said, "A big burden will fall from our shoulders if we let God run the universe." Most of us run the universe. We worry about this, we take care of that, and we don't rely on God's power. That's why we exhaust ourselves without much success. So, if we do things to our best ability and let God arrange whatever the outcome will be, and then we won't feel so hurt, so disappointed, and so tired. That's what he meant. Are you satisfied?

Q: This is confusing to me, Master. I have a lot of expectations that God should run all these things. But I am facing all these troubles, and it has not been lightened, and it is a burden for me. I'm expecting God to do that for me.

M: It's not that you're expecting, you're dictating to God what to do, and Hes won't listen. Obstacles and troubles are there for you to overcome, but God will dictate the outcome. You have to always try your best, but don't expect anything. That's the best. That's the proper way of expectation. If you expect and say, "God, I'm putting one hundred dollars here, and I want to get one thousand dollars tomorrow." That won't do. You expect too much. Most of the time, we do things and we expect the outcome to be like this or that. But it doesn't come out like this, it comes out like that. Then feel disappointed, sad, hurt. But it may be that this is good. Maybe the third outcome is better than the first or the second that we expected. We don't know. We should just try our best, and when our conscience is at peace we can say, "Okay, I tried my best." And if the outcome doesn't suit our taste, just let it be. Then that way, you don't feel burdened. You don't feel exhausted. You don't feel hurt. You might still feel hurt, but in the end we realize whatever happens is best for us.

I've told you many stories about surrendering to God's will. Remember the Indian story about the person who came to take refuge in a house, during a wartime bombing. And the family members, the owner and the other members, just pushed him out into the street again. They didn't let him stay in their house and take refuge, so he had to get out, and meanwhile blamed God for not protecting him. But as soon as he got out of the house, the house exploded. A bomb dropped right onto house, but he survived after being kicked out. So, we never know what's good for us. It's better just to try our best and accept whatever comes. But you always have to try your best. In that way you'll rest in peace and you'll know you have tested your strength and wisdom.


~ The Supreme Master Ching Hai

A few obstacles are good for us. They give us the incentive to strive; our willpower will thus grow stronger and our determination to seek the Truth will also become firmer. ~ The Supreme Master Ching Hai




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