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The Quan Yin Method: An Astounding Yet Marvelous Starting Point

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Boulder, CO, U.S.A. May 14, 1991
(Originally in English)

Q: Master, I've been doing the practice for several months. Sometimes I've cried quite a lot, which feels like I'm releasing, so that I can go on.

M: That's good. You have to cry at least once a day. It's not only the Quan Yin Method. The Quan Yin Method is only the starting point. Then the Master gives each individual an extra method as well, an extra push - some cry, some laugh, some feel happy, and some feel a little bit remorseful. But things change all the time. You can't always feel happy, and you can't always feel regretful. You just feel improved each day through whatever means you are given. The Quan Yin Method is a complete one. It gives you everything that you need. It guides you in every direction that you want to go, and gives you all kinds of instructions that you need for your growth, inside and outside.




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