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Regularity in Meditation

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Lecture at Berkeley University, CA, U.S.A., October 13, 1989
(Originally in English)

Q: What does one do if one cannot just sit down and meditate?

M: Then stand up, walk around for a while, wash your face, or take a shower. Take a walk and come back; try again. Don't give up. When you meditate every day, it's not that every day you will get good refreshment and results, but you must do it every day. You must do it whenever you can because God's grace doesn't make a rendezvous with us; doesn't make an appointment with us, saying, "Tomorrow, I will come to give you peace; tomorrow, I will give you a vision; tomorrow, I will take you to the third Heaven." No, no! It comes anytime, any second, even when you least expect it. So you just have to persevere with whatever technique you meditate, and pray to the Godhead, the Most High within us, to guide, help, sustain, and bless us.

Every day we must meditate, with or without success. And anytime, maybe tomorrow, maybe the next minute, you will get it. Just don't give in. Just like when we open a shop to sell things, you never know when the customers will drop in. You have to be open all day long and wait. With or without customers, we have to be open. Sometimes the last customer comes and buys the whole shop, or half of the shop.




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