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Leaving the Body: Dying Daily

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Los Angles, CA, U.S.A., June 7, 1998
(Originally in English)

Q: I had a most amazing experience. I was in my bed, it was nighttime, and all of a sudden, I heard angels; I heard thousands of them. It was like "ah", but magnified by thousands. Then I left my body and went out into the courtyard and I was flying with the angels. They were really, really big, and they were angels. Then the next day, my brother was at the table, (I hadn't told him about this experience), and he said "Guess what! Last night, I heard angels, and there were thousands of them."

M: He also heard them?

Q: He heard them but he didn't fly. He didn't go up there with them. My question is, I never really believed in them so much before, but now I really believe. Was that real? Are there realms like that where there are angels?

M: Of course, that's when you die; you die daily. You leave your body and come back. That's the real "resurrection". People only meet angels when they die and they come and take them to a higher realm. But you can die like that all the time and come back. That's what we call liberation in this lifetime; heaven is at hand. Now you know what the Bible is talking about.

Even though your brother is not in the same category as you are, he also heard them because of the transmission between you as brother and sister. Your vibration lifted him up also. That's what we do; the Quan Yin practitioners, we, the meditators, the serious practitioners, bless everywhere we go, everyone we see, everyone we think of, be it humans, animals, ghosts, or angels. We bless them without knowing it. It's just by chance that you know. Your brother was blessed by you at that time because you raised your level and he was nearby and was blessed. He's more sensitive, so he picked it up, but your whole family was blessed; it's just that they did not know it.




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