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Master Knows Everything

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Youngdong Center, Korea, May 6, 1998
(Originally in English)

Q: Is it correct to say that You know everything but You only choose to respond to some things and other things You just don't respond to, even though You know.

M: I also don't know. [Master and all laugh] These are very intellectual issues. You know, the mind is different from the soul. The body is different from the Master Power. The body eats, but the Master power doesn't. The body sleeps; the Master Power stays awake 24 hours. The mind responds, and the Master Power just acts with knowledge; it doesn't react. The Master Power has to be above the body, outside the body, and inside the body, in order to know everything at the same time.

If it's not really necessary, the Master Power does not direct the mind to understand that, or to do anything. If it's really necessary, then the Master Power will direct the mind to do something, to react to something physically. If not, the Master Power just does it in the abstract sense - outside of the physical realm. Not that the body can understand; not that you and I can understand; not that the brain can understand. The Master Power works 24 hours nonstop. The brain can get tired, overloaded, and exhausted because of too much information, too much stress or too much thinking. The Master Power never does.

So, what you're referring to right now, whether I know or not know, refers to my brain. In order to know the way you think I should know right now, I have to use the brain to know the way you think. But that's also the brain's domain. Knowing is the Master Power. The mind can be briefed about it with a little information. It doesn't have to know. If that thing is really important, the Master makes the mind react, makes me react - "me," in the physical sense that you see. However the "me" who is the Master Power always does something, always knows everything, but not in the physical realm.

In the physical realm, if something happens, if something is necessary, then the Master Power directs the body and the mind to do it for that particular thing, that particular event only. Not everything else that the Master does the body should know, or the brain should understand, because the brain and the body are limited. They will burst, explode, become exhausted, be overpowered; they cannot take too much. So, the Master Power does things, not always with the body and with the brain. Even the physical Master's body and brain can only take so much. Just like your car, it doesn't matter if you are a president or king of the Arabian world, you can't drive your car all day, all night, every day, every night. Even if it's a Rolls Royce, a Volvo, or a Mercedes, it needs a rest sometimes. It needs gas; it needs a lot of things. But actually, the Master's body is more than a car, of course. It is different, but it can get exhausted also, because of the law of the universe, the material law. So that's why I tell you, just take my teachings, do the meditation, and don't bother about what the body does or what I'm doing.


~ The Supreme Master Ching Hai

Why are the Enlightened Masters capable of doing anything? It is because They are always in a state of concentration, focusing Their acts, speech and thoughts on whatever They are doing, and at the same time being omnipresent.

When a Master comes to Earth, not only are the disciples uplifted and shown wisdom, but the whole race of humankind is purified and uplifted to a certain higher level of consciousness.




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