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Transcend Good and Evil, Focus Inwardly to Reach Great Enlightenment

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Hong Kong
June 26, 1993 (originally in Chinese) Videotape No. 379

Our God Nature is great and infinite. We ought to develop and recognize It every day instead of just being content with a little enlightenment. This is absolutely not enough!

The God Nature is Great and Infinite

You must meditate more! Otherwise, not only will you do things poorly, but you will also feel mentally uncomfortable. If you've meditated a lot, you look at everything cheerfully and you're mentally relaxed. Isn't that right? (Yes!)

Meditation doesn't mean just sitting there cross-legged. You also have to focus inwardly with sincerity and concentrate inside, ignoring worldly matters. If we can remain in this state for twenty-four hours a day, our aura will become very comfortable. We'll look at everything lightheartedly, and won't keep it in our minds for a long time.

Don't think that it's enough to be enlightened. Take Shakyamuni Buddha for example. After He was enlightened, He continued to meditate daily to make Himself more enlightened. Our God Nature is not that limited. So, don't be overjoyed at just seeing a star or the moon. Don't think that it's enough to be able to see the inner Light, or the Amitabha's World, or the Heavenly realms every day. Our God Nature is great and infinite, and we ought to develop and recognize It each day instead of just being content with a little enlightenment. This is absolutely not enough!

Transcend Gossip and Rise to Great Heights

Some spiritual practitioners aren't cultivated enough, or don't even meditate at all, but then they complain that their lives aren't comfortable. When our lives aren't comfortable, we should meditate more! Only through meditation can our lives become a little more pleasant. Otherwise, we're engulfed by the bad atmosphere of the world. How can we find ease under such circumstances?

Thus, you had better ignore these senseless, trivial matters. The less you know about the things of the world, the better it is for you. Don't care about too many trivialities. You ought to transcend and ascend. Only then can you practice with tranquility, attain greater enlightenment, experience results in meditation and have motivation. Otherwise, caring about these trifles all day long will make it very difficult for you to meditate with concentration. If you just sit there wrestling with the chaotic, distracting thoughts that constantly emerge, how can you possibly sit still?

The best way for us is to soar high and ascend, transcending all the gossip in this world. That's why I'm always changing in this aspect or that aspect, just to let you learn this lesson. You have to learn faster, and not confine yourselves in these petty, useless and worthless corners of your life.

Don't be Hooked by a Tiny Thorn

Each time we're angry or critical, our hearts become narrower and can't accommodate all. It's like when your clothes are hooked by a little thorn on a tree, and you can't free yourself unless you pull out the thorn, however tiny it is. So, we shouldn't mind our neighbors or our Master, or the good or bad in anyone. Only then can we meditate wholeheartedly. If there's any garbage in our hearts, we'll be stuck there; we'll be hindered.

Why have you progressed so quickly in your spiritual practice? It's because I change a lot, and you can never "catch" me in time. (Master and everyone laugh.) You're not fast enough to get attached, to praise or to cling to any form. All you have to do is follow my teachings to practice, and you'll benefit and progress, and then be happy, joyful and cheerful. However I act is my own personal matter. It has nothing to do with you. It's the Master's Power, the universal power, and not I, this person, who is helping you. Therefore, don't mind what I do, and especially don't care about the rights and wrongs of your neighbors and fellow practitioners. Of course, if you feel that they've done something wrong, and you can't stand it anymore, then you may talk to them. If they don't listen, forget it. Don't keep it in your mind for long.

Sometimes, when we're angry with someone, do we meditate badly? (Yes.) The more you try to forget him, the more his disgusting face appears before you, (laughter) just like watching television. However, a television is easy to turn off, but his image is out of control and keeps appearing right in front of your wisdom eye. It's truly intolerable!

Thus, try not to mind about the good and bad aspects of other people. Let the big ones become small, and the small ones turn into nothing. Try your best to forgive and understand others. The more we forgive and understand, the better it will be. Don't be angry with people. When we're angry for a long time, cancer may develop in the body. You all know that anger is the most harmful emotion to the body.

Dissolve Anger to Benefit Yourselves and Others

When you're very angry, try your best to reduce your anger; if it's only a small anger, try your best to reduce it to nothing. Later, just laugh and forget about it. This is better for us. We can control our emotions; it's not that we can't. If we can control them, then it's very good for us.

I've tried this. Just as we adjust the sound volume higher or lower, we can also adjust our anger. It's up to us. If we turn our anger higher, we'll be in a bad mood the whole day, and it's also harmful for other people. If we turn down our anger a little, later it will seem as if nothing has happened. It's good for us and for everyone else as well.




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