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Karma of a Couple

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
San Paolo, Brazil, June 18, 1989
(Originally in English)

Q: How does one understand the karma of a couple?

M: If the couple is in harmony, then they have a good karma. If the couple is in strife every day, then you know what kind of karma that is. It is easy to understand, no? If it's in harmony, then be happy. If it's not in harmony, then try to adjust and be tolerant to avoid next time coming back again as a very undesirable karmic couple.

Tolstoy had a very terrible wife. You know Leo Tolstoy of "War and Peace"? He had a terrible wife, so it is told. Every day she nagged, cursed, scolded, and even beat him and threw him out sometimes. One day, his friend couldn't bear it any longer, so he asked Tolstoy, "Why don't you kick that devil out of your house and then you'll have peace?" Tolstoy said, "Shhhhh! Don't talk so loud. Last life, I did that already. Therefore, it got worse this time. I don't dare to do it."

The more you struggle, the worse the situation becomes. So just accept anything as given by God, try to get through it, and train yourself in patience, tolerance, and loving thy enemy. Even as wise a man as Tolstoy couldn't deal with his terrible wife, so we ordinary beings had better keep silent. Silence!




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