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The Soul Group

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Auckland, New Zealand, April 27, 2000
(originally in English) Videotape No. 686

Do you know why you're so good? Because you are me. (Applause) We get on fabulously well because we're one.

The nature of the soul is not that I am here and I have one soul in here. It's not like that. My soul is bigger than just in here. It might be all over here. (Master makes a gesture encompassing the area of the room.) It might be all me, but it looks different. It's not like God is one and everyone is one with God. It's not in that sense. It's in the sense that one individual can have a great soul that encompasses many so-called bodies. So we can happen to identify just like we are each other.

Just like sometimes there are two persons, but they think exactly the same thing at the same moment. That's because that is one soul, not because they are one with God or they are one with each other. But they are one soul, just like twins or soul mates. A soul mate doesn't mean only one; it can mean a lot. Because some great souls encompass many other beings for their own purpose. Therefore, we feel like brothers and sisters; we feel like one. Sometimes you feel very good with your sister or your brother, your mother or your father because that's you! You make it become family, but it's only one: one soul and many individuals. (Applause)

That's why sometimes we say, "I have affinity with that person." Or, "She's my soul mate; he's my soul mate." Because it's you; it's really you. I mean that's your individual soul group, in one soul. Apart from being one with God and one with everyone else, we also have the individual soul, which can house many big groups of people as just one soul. But it looks different.

Thus sometimes we feel so good with a group of people. And the more we're with them, the more we feel strengthened because we're at home with ourselves. We're together, and we're at peace together. It's no wonder; no wonder we work so well! Can you imagine you are me? (Laughter)




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