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Meditating on the Light and Sound is Our Only Support

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai at Raising Center, Cambodia
June 30, 1996 (originally in English)

Only the inner Light and Sound can help us in any kind of situation in this world. So for us, in dealing with any kind of karma, any kind of burden from the past, present or future, there's nothing else in this world that we can rely on. The Light and Sound, are the only methods, the only equipment that God bestowed on us when we descended into this world so that we can protect ourselves, so that we can remember the Kingdom of God, so that we can resolve any difficulties and obstructions on our way to finding the Kingdom of God. Any troubles in this world - be they in your business, in your family circle or in personal love relationships - are there actually just to make trouble for you, just to sidetrack you from the journey back to the Kingdom of God. And God knows that beforehand so we're given this equipment, the Light and Sound, so that we can slash them all asunder and then advance further. Without the Light and Sound, we can never make it back Home ... never, ever. Just like without an airplane, you can not make it here to Cambodia so fast and trouble-free.

So any time you have a problem, be it with yourself, with any of your loved ones, with any kind of employment or businesses, or with anything, just sit down and meditate. Then the problem will become clearer to you and you'll know how to solve it, or the problem will just disappear by itself in time. Sometimes we panic, really because the world seems to press upon us for certain things, or at a certain time and certain demand. We panic and say, "Oh, my God! I can't make it. I have only one more day or half a day and I just don't want to do something else. I want to do this thing right now and other things just come making demands on me." But then after we meditate for a while, the world withdraws its demand on us, or the problem just goes somewhere else and then we find we panicked for nothing. So, just keep cool. C-O-O-L. (Laughter) Keep cool, baby (Master and audience laugh), and everything will be all right.

Listen to your intuition inside. Sometimes it's difficult. You have to see which is the strongest voice and remain steadfast on that strongest intuition because sometimes you feel like you should do this, continue to do this job, but some other people come and demand that you do another job, and the other people come to tell you that this is better and it's no use now - "It's going to be no use. You'd better run fast in the other direction and do this, that and that." But then you feel inside that you should do this, but it makes you feel like you're in a struggle and torn apart from different directions. Then you need to sit down and meditate and listen to your own Buddha voice, the intuitive voice inside, the silent voice that tells you what to do. Or at least stay calm and you can see clearly for yourself which direction is better for you.

I tell you all these things from experience. I'm not telling them to you from a book. Books don't teach us this kind of thing, not too many. And it always works because where else can we run and what else can we use to deal with the world as it is? There's so much overwhelming suffering, so much nonsense, so much pressure on us small creatures, and sometimes we really don't know what to do and it makes us feel very anxious, very restless. Meditating on the Light and on the Sound are the only things we can do in such times of necessity.




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