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  Current Topic : World Peace
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Get Enlightened and Pray Powerfully!

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Netherlands
May, 9, 1999 (originally in English) Videotape No. 647

Q: How can we help our brothers and sisters in war?

M: The best way to help is to get yourself enlightened, and once you're enlightened, if you have relatives and friends, you can even pray for them better. Because you can tell God what you want. God also knows what you want, but you don't know God. You don't know what God wants. That's the problem. That's why many prayers are not answered. God answers but we don't hear because God talks in a subtle language. We have to quiet down in order to receive it. We call this meditation, contemplation or quiet prayer. But we have to open our contact with God first. We have to plug back in, reconnect the telephone. Then we can talk to Hirm, and we can receive the answer. Now God tells us to do one thing, and we do another. Because we aren't connected, that's the problem in this world.

We can help by giving our loving thoughts and loving power, but our prayers must be powerful. At the moment, our prayers don't have power, because we aren't connected with the power inside. That's why Jesus didn't waste His time trying to go around stopping any wars. Buddha didn't go around trying to make peace between countries. They were busy teaching people to get enlightenment; because they knew that's the only solution to any problem on this planet, and on any other planet in the universe.

We can help through sincere prayer, but we must be enlightened. We must be connected with this God power first. Then whatever we think will come true, whatever we want will come true. At the moment, we want something but we don't have anything to back it up. Just like we want to buy a dress, or we want to buy shoes, but we don't have money in the bank. Have money in the bank first, then anything else you want, you can buy.




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