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  Current Topic : World Peace
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Only God's Love Can Stop Wars

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, The Czech Republic,
May 28, 1999 (originally in English) Videotape No. 654

Q: Could You tell us something from the spiritual point of view about the influences of war?

M: What can I say? What can I say about the ignorance of humankind that drives people to kill one another in cold blood? What can I say to those who have suffered tremendous agony in the war, who lost their parents, who lost their children, who lost everything that they had worked their whole life for? I can only pray that their sorrow will be eased somehow, that God will bless them inside so that they know that life is eternal, and God always loves them. It doesn't matter if they are bad or good, and it doesn't matter how much they lose in this world, Heaven is still theirs.

I can only tell you that if we, the spiritual aspirants, try our best to raise our consciousness to a higher level of understanding, then the world will be a better place. This comes only by knowing that we are God inside, that we can respect the God who sits in front of us or next to us. Only with God's love can we erase all the hatred and differences between brothers and sisters, and then the wars will stop.

Since ancient times we have been warring with each other, destroying the property and the nutrition of this planet. We have even destroyed the teachings of the spiritual Masters; we damage their bodies and their way of life. And what has it brought us? We gain nothing out of this war or any war. I feel sorry for the ones who caused the war, and I feel sorry for the victims. But I feel even sorrier for the ones who caused the war because they are so far from God; they are so desperate that they feel they have to resort to violence.

They feel so much lack of love within themselves that they break out with crimes of such a violent manner because they are so desperate. They are so deep in the illusion of life. For the one who does not know right from wrong anymore, we can only feel sorry. And we can pray that God will bless them with more wisdom and more love, so that they will be awakened to a better way of life. We can help shorten the war and ease the conflict into a better state or even stop it if we all put our positive energy and thinking together, and we meditate daily for the betterment of this planet. The victims of the war, even though they suffer so much in this physical life, will be welcomed by God in the life after.

So I am here to try to remind you that you have the power within yourself to bless the world, to stop the war, to ease the suffering. It is up to you to make use of it. The more awakened the people, the less trouble in this world. Our world is getting better. There are more spiritual practitioners and more vegetarians. In a few more hundred years to come, we will see almost Heaven on this planet. If we live that long!




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