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  Current Topic : Conduct of Daily Life > Positive and Negative Power
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Keep Striving for Positive Spiritual Power

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Florida, USA, May 11, 2002
(originally in English)

Q: My question is: I know I struggle to do the right thing and to do my practice. And I know I'm struggling against something that is struggling against me. So, how do I get beyond this struggle? How do I win?

M: That's where the fun is. (Master and everyone laugh) If something is too easy, you lose the challenge and you don't want to even win it. Therefore, we have two powers inside of us: we call them yin and yang in Chinese, and we call them negative and positive in western terminology. The negative power pushes us to do something that is against our will, and the positive power helps us to conquer that tendency. Sometimes we lose; sometimes we win. It depends on our spiritual discipline and power.

So try to struggle and continue, just like the United Nations struggles with the refugees' issues and the wars in the world. Sometimes you win in the end; it just takes some struggling.




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