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Concentration and Selfless Devotion

Spoken By Supreme Master Ching Hai, the Laiyi Center, Pingtung, Formosa
January 3, 1993 (Originally in Chinese) Videotape No. 305

We have to concentrate on everything we do; otherwise, we might have an uneasy conscience, which will bring forth a negative aura. And then, even if Master doesn't blame us, other people will. We'll then be baffled and wonder, "Why am I always scolded?" It's because our own atmosphere is not good, and this makes other people uncomfortable. Our aura is invisible, but spiritual practitioners can see it with their wisdom eyes, and their wisdom can perceive it. So we cannot cheat anyone! After being scolded, our first reaction is usually to be angry with the person who has scolded us and to feel resentful toward him, or we may feel unhappy with Master instead of examining our own behavior, motivation, and heart.

When we are reproached by anyone, we should examine ourselves at once. If we know that our motive is very simple and pure, we should know it is all right. At that time, we will feel at ease; if we find that we have done something wrong, we should retrospect on ourselves. Don't blame others all the time. When anyone rebukes us, if what he says is correct, then he can be our teacher; if what he says is incorrect, we can just consider it our karma (laughter). That's the simplest way to deal with it. What else can we do? When we live with other people, we can hardly avoid friction sometimes, due to our different characters, levels of spiritual practice, or karma from past lives. Therefore, we cannot expect everything to go smoothly every day.

This world is very fair. You don't have to worry that your merits or sincerity are overlooked because we know it ourselves! We are God; we have God inside. Why should we worry that others don't know it? Didn't you say you have a hundred percent faith in Master? Do have faith in yourself as well! God is within us. It's also said that Master is omnipresent. Then, why should you feel anxious that others do not know, and compete for credit or show off? We have to be honest with ourselves all the time, and be simple and pure in doing everything without being contaminated by any purpose at all. As a result, we'll find that we're more and more liked by people, and Master will also notice us.

It is best if we do things with truly unconditional devotion, in order to offer our services, and then we'll have everything. In the past, when I stayed at others' ashrams, I wasn't attached to seeing the masters all the time; nor did I demand that they glimpse me or anything else. I just offered my services: cleaning the staircase, mopping the floor, watering the plants, etc. I just did the work that no one wanted to do, especially washing dishes, which was the least desirable job. After people cooked meals and ate a lot, the bowls and chopsticks were left there like a mountain. I washed them every day, and was very happy. It ends up now that there're people who wash dishes, clean the staircase and mop the floor for me.

So, don't expect anything; just serve. God will arrange our fate. We shouldn't expect too much. We practice spiritually in order to be liberated from our desires for fame and fortune, and our competitive mentality. If we can't be liberated now, when will we be able to? If we cannot see Heaven while living, how can we see it after we leave this world? We won't be able to get used to it! (Master and audience laugh.) Because when we get used to something, it's hard to change, and our habits come back to us, and then we struggle.

Whatever we do, if we have a clear, calm conscience, that's correct. You don't have to ask Master, nor should you do it for anyone. After we do it for a long time and get used to it, it will naturally become second nature to us, and we will sense and know what we should do. We will do whatever work is left undone. By that time, we won't dislike any work. What you're doing now is public service work, all of which I have done before. It's no big deal. No work is menial. Before I had so many disciples, I also mixed cement, built centers for disciples to live in, built toilets for disciples to use, etc. There was nothing I couldn't do. Just because there're so many of you now, and you have enough talents, I just let you do the work! Even if I did it myself, you would feel sad, right? (Audience: Yes.) There're many "heroes" among you, who must be eager to protect and help me maintain my figure! (Laughter)

Of course, there's no interest or pay for the work we do, but we have glory, we have honor. It's an honor to serve people, to serve sentient beings, and to serve our fellow practitioners. That's our highest award. Otherwise, it's easy to obtain worldly fame and wealth; as long as we work hard, we can get it. It is just that this work is a kind of glory. We do not work for reward or to win Master's favor. It would be a kind of bribery if we had that kind of motive. We should work because we are willing to do it ourselves and we enjoy doing it; that's the highest prize. There's no need to expect anything else. It's the same case with Master. Not many people in the universe can do my job, but I can. That makes me feel good! Even though I'm not very willing to do it, it's all right. I just do it; why should I expect any blessing from it? (Applause)




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