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Returning to the Source of Creation

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai,
Seoul, Korea, May 17, 2000
(Originally in English) Videotape No. 705

There was a story about a person who tried to look for Heaven and someone said, "I know where Heaven is; I can show you. "So he took him to a small well, where he showed him several people sitting and meditating happily, living together in that hole in the ground. And he said, "This is Heaven!" The seeker said, "No! Are you kidding me? This is just a dark hole in the ground." So the person said, "No, no! Heaven is in the Saints who are sitting there, not in the hole."

The Quan Yin Method is the method for returning to where you came from, and where we came from is Heaven. We came from God. We came from the greatest Source of Creation. We're not the human physical body. So if you concentrate and return, step-by-step, back to where you're from, you will know where Enlightened Masters live. "Everything is created by the mind," Buddha said. So just go back and see the real Creator.

That's you! You and me -- One! You and everyone -- One! You and nine generations of your family -- One! That's why it's possible for me to help you go back; it's possible for you to liberate nine generations; it's possible for the Buddha to be enlightened and to say all sentient beings are already delivered or already liberated. When you go back to the Source, you see nothing but just the "Oneness" of us -- no Master, no disciples. You're one part of me; we're one part of God.

So, it's possible that when one person is enlightened, everything's already delivered from inside, and everyone knows already. I don't need to deliver you; I don't need to give you initiation. You'll be saved because your soul knows from my soul connection inside. But the mind doesn't understand. So I have to continue teaching you and telling you this and that and the other, so that you'll feel peaceful here. And so that your life, this fixed physical karma, will be smoother, more bearable and more joyful until you leave this physical world.

Enlightened Masters' places are not far from you -- they're inside you. Just concentrate on the inner world, and one day you will see better.




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