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We Are the Luckiest Yogis

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, the Florida Center, USA,
June 9, 2001 (Originally in English) Videotape No. 719

Q: I wanted to ask You how high I have to be in this life spiritually to not have to come back after I die.

M: Be as high as you can. Otherwise, the Master will push; the Master will be there to take you to whatever level and continue guiding you upward. Otherwise, you would have to pass through the three worlds. With any other master, you would have to pass the third level in order to not come back. But with this Supreme Method, it's OK; you can. Because sometimes it's not your fault that you didn't reach a high level.

For example, suppose you get initiated today and die tomorrow. It's the Master's responsibility to take you up from wherever you are before you leave the physical body, or before the Master leaves the physical body. We're OK. This time, we just have a fully open house to help everyone. Whoever is sincere, the Master power will help this time, very generously. This century, it's very generous.

Q: Why is this century so special as opposed to a thousand years ago?

M: Because every now and again, the Heavens open "wholesale." (Master and everyone laugh.) Like at a garage sale: Everything's one dollar. It depends on which Master came down. You see, we're all Masters. But some Masters are newly remembered again; they just became enlightened again this lifetime. Some Masters have been enlightened all the time. Some Masters have never left Heaven, and have just come down this time. Some Masters come and go, come and go all the time, and have affinity with a lot of beings on this planet. And when She or He comes back again, it's to all old friends: "Anything you want, it's OK. We knew each other." (Applause) Maybe we were old friends; that's why.

If the Master has just newly come, then he doesn't have too much affinity with many beings. So he just takes a few disciples to begin with, and then continues again and again the next time. If the Master has just remembered again that he's a Buddha this time, then of course he also has to develop more experience. It's not that the Master doesn't know, but just like everything else, you have to practice. You practice how to deal with the human mind, how to deal with the bureaucracy of this world, how to protect yourself from all the harassments on this planet and how to keep yourself intact in order to help people quietly without bringing trouble to yourself.

But the new Master doesn't know that. The new Master goes out with all full colors, blasting trumpets and everything. And maybe after three-and-a-half years, he's gone, or two-and-a-half years, or three-and-a-half months. The spiritual power is the same; it's from the universe. But the way to handle the disciples, the way to deal with political power in this world: That has to be learned because these are mind things. These are skills and abilities. They have nothing to do with enlightenment and the soul. Of course they have, because the more enlightened you are, the more quickly you learn. But if He or She has already had experiences, life after life, there's no need to learn so much.

Because how can a person learn so much in one lifetime? Even though you're enlightened, you can't learn auto mechanics, airplane piloting, sailing, business accounting, computer software, hardware and every other thing. You could, but your life is too short. These things are not soul things. These things are abilities that you have to use your mind and brain or hands and physical body to understand and master. So, if the Master has already learned all this stuff, about how to be a Master -- not "how" to be, but meaning that as a Master, you have to encounter and you have to be able to do many different things.

Therefore, being this kind of Master is easier and quicker. It's simpler. It's just the know-how of the world. The method is the same, the teaching is the same, the power is the same and the Truth is the same. But the Master Himself/Herself is capable or not capable: concerning the public, concerning how to teach the disciples the best and the quickest way to progress. The Master can teach the same method to the same people. But two different Masters might teach even the same method to two different disciples. And the one from one Master will progress differently or more quickly than the one from the other Master. It's like that. It also depends on how the teachings are imparted into his or her mind. Because if the mind doesn't understand, the mind doesn't accept it, then you cannot progress quickly. You don't feel so good. You don't feel convinced, or you don't feel confident. (Applause)




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