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The Importance of Keeping Our Thoughts, Speech and Actions Pure

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Los Angeles, U.S.A.
March 12, 1996 (Originally in English), Videotape No. 535

There are many ghost stories in China from earlier times; for example, Liao Zhai Zhi Yi (Tales of Fox Fairies and Ghosts, a book of Chinese ghost stories), and so on. Some of the ghost stories are not completely fictional; there is some truth in them. Because the human psyche is funny; it can create a lot of things. That's why people can have psychic power.

It is said that, in Tibet you can practice devotion to a kind of deity. And then one day you will see the deity appear as a real person; you can create it. If you don't have a deity that you already like, you can create one in your mind - as a deity, a monk, a woman and so on. After a long period of practice, these imaginary personages will become real. And each has a reality and a personality of his or her own. And sometimes if you're not powerful enough to control this created apparition, it will even harm you.

Similar to ghost stories, many things happen in our life because of our mind. So if people say, "Everything comes from the mind," it means that our thinking affects our living standards and everything around us. If you think the flu is contagious, you should know that the thought process is even more contagious than that.

But there's no need for harm. Besides reciting the Holy Names, you can pray to God, meditate and think all the time of the good side of things. You must check your psychological lifestyle as well, such as being too obsessed with some kind of idea. For example, if your body is very healthy, and you live in an environment that is always propagating or encouraging people to have intercourse with the opposite sex, then the cells in the body will sometimes listen to that message.

So you have to keep your mind at a different level (Master points to the wisdom eye) and tell the cells the opposite. If you can't do that, then sometimes the bodily demands are greater than your mental ability to control them. And then sometimes you see a ghost appear to you, like a beautiful lady in your dreams or not in your dreams, making more trouble for you. In that case, you should know that this is a psychological apparition. It's not real.

So in that case, if you want to deal with this kind of ghost, you can ask something that he cannot answer. Anything you think in your head, the ghost will know, because he is you. So make sure it's something that's puzzling. For example, if the ghost comes again, you can hold a handful of rice in your hand and ask him, "How many grains are inside?" and surely he can never answer; then he will disappear. In that case, you'll know it's your own psychological apparition that appeared to you because you suppress yourself too much. So try not to suppress yourself so much. Get married, or do something legal. (Master and everyone laugh.) So you don't have to make trouble for yourself and invite a ghost.

We have to check our thought processes. It's not the action alone that counts; it's the thought inside. For example, sometimes you hug someone, and if you love him or her, they will feel different than when you just hug out of social etiquette, like, "Yes, hello, how are you?" And the other person freezes. So similarly, with the family relationship or husband and wife, don't think that you can cheat on her and she doesn't know it. She feels it. And there will be turmoil in the family; you just won't know why. You think that she doesn't know anything, that she's become moody these days or she's become lousy. It's not true. Inside, the knowledge is transmitted through space, through time, and is recorded.

Everything is recorded. It's funny how we think that we're alone all the time. We're not alone. Everything is recorded and transmitted. For example, television and radio or CDs - they're nothing, just pieces of metal and plastic with everything recorded on them! How can the ether or God power not be able to record an even finer version than that?

So we should be aware all the time of the naked visibility of our inner thinking, not to mention our actions, which are coarser and more visible. That's why we must always try to keep our thoughts, speech and actions as pure as we can control them. Because we'll affect the next person.




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