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Initiation When Physical Master Is Absent

Answered by Quan Yin messenger
(Originally in Chinese)

Q: Is there any difference between initiation by Master and initiation via the Quan Yin messengers*?

A: There is no difference. As a matter of fact, the power of initiation originates from the Master and not from the Quan Yin messengers. With Master's permission, the Quan Yin messengers only explain those pertinent and salient points that pertain to spiritual practice and the meditation technique. They are merely conveying Master's omnipotence that constitutes the source of the dharma (holy teachings). Therefore, no matter where one is in this world, as long as one sincerely prays for initiation and Master's blessing, it is as though the power conferred by Master through the Quan Yin messengers were administered by Master in person.

*Quan Yin messengers are resident practitioners who administer oral instructions during the process of the Holy Initiation when the physical presence of the Master is not possible.




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