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The Real Initiation

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Group Meditation in London, England,
March 10, 1998 (Originally in English) Videotape No.631
Q: Master, if anybody was initiated in the past by Master, but did not repeat the Holy Names, and did not sit in meditation - at the time of death, do you go to meet him?

M: No.

Q: Why not? Because he was initiated in the past...

M: But he doesn't want to go back!

Q: Because at the time of initiation, initiation goes to the soul, not to the body.

M: I know that. But if that soul doesn't want....

Q: Because my son is initiated, but he does not meditate.

M: I know. That's what I am trying to tell you now. The soul is initiated, if he comes for initiation. Maybe he comes, but the soul does not want it; maybe just his body comes. So that's why after initiation he drops everything. He's just curious. He comes there, but he is not committed in his soul.

So the soul is important. If he comes there, and his soul is still not ready, he doesn't want to go home yet. So he doesn't meditate; he doesn't repeat the Holy Names; he doesn't keep the precepts. Then it's up to him. It's his freedom. I cannot force him to go Home.

Q: Because he got initiated by the Master ...

M: I know that, but he himself has to want it.

Q: He wants Master to take him, so I have him initiated so he can go in this life, go back to the Lord.

M: If he wants it.

Q: Will he go to the Lord in that condition?

M: If he wants it. But I also said that if you want, you can come back. If your soul wants it, you can come back. I also said that. The soul has to want it, not the body.

Q: Not the body.

M: Yes. So at the time of initiation, if his soul doesn't really want it yet, he might come with you, because you are the father, because here is the Master, but he isn't truly committed. If the soul still wants experience in this life or the next life, then he is free to experience again. Then he will find another Master another time. Because I am talking about the real initiation.

Q: Master must go to meet him, because he belongs to the Lord; he appreciates the Lord.

M: Then he has to do his own work. I don't initiate lazy people! I did not say that initiation brings you to the Kingdom of God. I said initiation gives you enlightenment. And meditation, discipline, vegetarianism, and the longing of the soul will give you the Kingdom of God. You have to earn your keep. Otherwise, I would say, "Okay, come, come, come, everybody's initiated; you don't even need a vegetarian diet, then go home." It's not fair! Brother, you want cheap food. (Audience laughs)




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