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  Current Topic : Spiritual Practice > Wisdom Eye / Third Eye
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The Supreme Eye

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, California U.S.A.,
October 14, 1989 (Originally in English)

If we want to see our own Nature or our Buddha Nature, we have to see through a different eye, through a different perception. This eye is what we call the wisdom eye or Buddha's eye, the heavenly eye, or what the Christians call the single eye. Jesus said, "If thy eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of Light." What does that mean? Should we put our eyes together and make them become one like cross-eyed people? No, even like that we will see no light. So the eye that is mentioned in the Buddhist scriptures, the Christian Bible and the other scriptures is not the physical eye, but the single eye within our wisdom, within our ocean of consciousness. Actually, there is no eye. But because we can see everything from Heaven to hell, from this world to the Buddha's Land, we call that an eye. So, to open this eye we need someone who can show us the way to do it, just like when we want to drive a car, we need someone who already knows how to drive the car to help us.




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