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  Current Topic : Cultivate a Happy Marriage
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Try Your Best to Keep up Your Marriage

Spoken By Supreme Master Ching Hai,
University of California, Irvine, CA, U.S.A. June 2, 1998
(Originally In English) Videotape No. 623

Q: What do You think of divorce?

M: It's bad; divorce is the last solution of a loving relationship. And it should not happen at all. But it's very difficult to work things out with each other, since men and women are very different. Men are cooler, more straightforward, simple, and women are more sentimental, more romantic. So the warlike and the beauty don't often mix well, but there are many ways to reconcile with each other. There is marriage counseling, and there are books about it. And there is, of course, meditation, which will reconcile a lot of differences. You'll see that both of you will change and get more loving, more understanding and less demanding. And that is if you both are at an almost similar level; otherwise you still have conflicts. But you will still love each other. You will not resort to divorce as much as the other people who do not practice inner peace. They will do it more.

I would not have divorced my husband if I had been enlightened at that time. I tell you, he was the best man, and he still is. But he's someone else's best man now. After enlightenment, you will learn to appreciate your partner more. A lot of a family's conflicts are erased after initiation, if husband and wife meditate together. It really helps because you realize you are both God. The love in you will spring forth, will magnify to cover all the differences between the man and the woman. You'll learn to love each other, and respect each other as God, even. Apart from the physical love, there is another, holy love that will bind you to each other, make you more loving, more responsible and more sensitive to each other's feelings and needs.




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