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Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Sydney, Australia, March 17, 1993
(Originally in English)

Q: Do You believe that the Supreme Maker of the universe, Jesus, the only begotten Son of God, said, I am the way, the Truth, and the life; no man cometh to the Father but by Me, and that no one can enter Heaven, God's home, except by Jesus?

M: Yes, it's true. Every Master says that. Jesus is the name of His body, and Christ is His title. Every Master should have His Christ power; therefore, in a sense, Jesus never died. Jesus works through all the Masters throughout the centuries, throughout the ages, to liberate and enlighten us, the ignorant, who are still left behind. Jesus alone cannot enlighten us if He is gone. Of course, He can to some degree, but we are human. We can't get in touch with Him when He is in a higher sphere; therefore, a physical Master is necessary. But the Christ power works through any physical Master who is destined or posted to be at that time; therefore, when Jesus said He was the only way and the only one, He spoke the absolute truth, but so does any Master, when the Master is alive.

I know it's a trouble with clinging to the Bible - the same with many of the Buddhists. The Bible and the scriptures are excellent evidence of the past Masters, but also excellent stumbling blocks for our intellectual attachments. I know it's very difficult. I only can wish you the best, and I can only be patient to wait until the time comes that you understand. The Bible is only a record of a Super-Master who has graced our Earth, but what about those before Jesus and after Jesus? Those after Jesus, probably we would say, "Okay. We hear His name and we get redeemed." But how about those billion, trillion years before Jesus - there was no one to rescue them or what? Is the Father so merciless as to send only one son and at only one time? Could Hes be so stingy, do you think?

If Jesus really redeems all of us, can you truly answer me, why are we still in ignorance? There are many things we don't know. Heaven, we can't contact. Some people can - when they pray very deeply and sincerely to Jesus, probably He appears to them and teaches some of them, but very few. He doesn't appear to all of us. But to our disciples, He would, because we know how to contact Him. We can ascend to His level and get His teaching directly. I'm not teaching anything different. If you would like to see Jesus and God, I just will help you, if you would like to see Buddha, I will help you - but only if you believe it, instead of clinging to a past record of a great Master, most of which we do not understand.




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