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Fortune Telling

Answered by Quan Yin messenger
(Originally in Chinese)

Q: Those who practice the Quan Yin Method do not care for fortune telling. However, there are some fellow practitioners who study fortune telling. Can they use it to persuade people to do good deeds and begin spiritual practice?

A: Quan Yin practitioners should have a clear understanding of the Master's teachings, accept the logical concepts regarding spiritual practice, and trust the Quan Yin Method and the Master, having in mind only a longing for the great wisdom and eternal liberation. On the other hand, most people who go to fortunetellers do so because they are superstitious.

Fortune telling is not accurate. Your fate can be predicted to be such and such today, but the next day when you do something good or bad, the situation may change. Thus, there is no need for us to use any tricks or supernatural powers (including fortune telling) to attract people to start their spiritual practice. Most people attracted to fortune telling are those who wish to acquire supernatural power and who are greedy for good fortune in this world. They do not really want to get away from the "three Realms" and be liberated from the cycle of life and death. It is not the right way.


~ The Supreme Master Ching Hai

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