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How to Overcome Fear

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Pingtung, Formosa, April 11, 1989
(Originally in Chinese)

Q: Master, how do I overcome fear? Does fear come from our imagination, or is it because of our karma or poor spiritual practice?

M: There are many ways, but it is also very difficult. You have to be diligent and courageous. Even spiritual practitioners may not immediately be able to get rid of this feeling of fear because it has been with them for too long. It is a kind of predestined karma for this life. Most probably we have intimidated or hurt many people before, so the vibrations of these victims' souls hang around our magnetic field and make us feel fear. We may not see or feel anything, yet we have that fearful feeling. Therefore, we should be more loving and charitable, endeavor to comfort others, and send out vibrations and thoughts that give a sense of security. This may help us a little and may be practiced by visualization. When we practice it, we close our eyes and imagine we are sending out courage, comfort, and love to the orphaned and the widowed, to the soldiers and police officers patrolling alone in the dark, and even to people we dislike or once detested. We send our love in all directions. Once we have practiced this method for some time, courage will grow within us. Try and see if it works.




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