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Attributes of God

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Brisbane, Australia, March 20, 1993
(Originally in English)

Q: Can you tell us about God, the Father? What does Hes look like?

M: Hes is like you. Hes has two parts: a good part and a naughty part. The naughty part, Hes uses to make life go on in bitter and sweet, and in all the follies so as to amuse whoever likes to see these things. The good part, Hes uses to give us strength, spiritual knowledge, and all the holy, noble things that we can do.

If we say, "God is all good and love", it is fine also, but then we can't explain all the devils in this world. There is actually no evil in this world. It's just the way we look at things, that we do not know how to play the game with God, and that makes things turn sour and become negative. If we learn to contact God, things reconstruct themselves, and then we see things in a different light. We know how to mix them, just like some so-called poison, even. The scientists know how to use it for the benefit of people's health, but if we use it in a layman's manner, it kills.

God is not a person or not even a "non-person." It is the Supreme Power that pervades the whole universe, and we are within It; we are of It, and also we are the totality of It. We know this God according to our diligence in searching, according to the grace of God, which comes in proportion to the sincerity of our thirst for knowledge of the kingdom of God within. That is a temporary explanation of the so-called God. Otherwise, look at your neighbor if you want to see God. It's next to you; look at each other and try to see whether you find God within him, because the Bible says so.

When you do something good and noble with all love to your neighbors or to someone you don't know, that is when you realize you are God. That's when the God within you awakens. When you do something that you think is undesirable or harms some person, that is when you allow the naughty part of God to take the upper hand. But it's all a game, anyhow. We have to be enlightened to tolerate both, and turn bad into goodness.


~ The Supreme Master Ching Hai

God is our True Self, with all wisdom, beauty and virtues. These are the true qualities of a human.




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